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How many lawyers do you use for compliance work?

What is the annual average cost of these lawyers (including salary, bonuses, and overhead)?

How many other people are involved in the compliance process?

What is the annual average cost associated with these employees (including salary and overhead)?

Please drag the bar across to indicate the weekly average number of hours spent on the following tasks:

Monitoring the regulatory environment affecting your business including websites, publications, industry news, legislation, bulletins and legal decisions:

Updating the inventory of compliance obligations within your organization:

Providing counsel and advice to employees on laws or regulations affecting their responsibilities:

Flagging and addressing gaps in compliance:

Reviewing reports and reporting to management and the board of directors:

Please indicate the average number of hours weekly spent by Compliance officers:

Preparing and circulating assessments:

Collecting compliance data:

Flagging and addressing gaps in compliance :

Documenting compliance and maintaining a record or files of relevant documentation:

Following up with employees who have not provided any or sufficient information:

Current Time Spent on Compliance Activities

Current Cost of Compliance Activities

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